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Dominick Ciardiello is a veteran in the broadcast industry with over 30 years of

experience working in all aspects of productions with major networks as a Director,

Producer, and Director of Photography (DP). His extensive hands-on experience in all

aspects of production working with celebrity chefs, TV hosts, design and travel shows

as well as producing short films gives him the unique ability to take a producer’s vision

and bring it to life. Dominick is a visionary and team player who creates a professional,

inclusive, and respectful environment for the talent and the crew for all productions,

from conception to completion.


As a first generation native New Yorker whose parents emigrated from Italy, Dominick’s

background inspired his artistic interests and gifts. He enrolled at New York Technical

College where he exercised his understanding of visual creativity through studies in

architecture. While in college, he took a summer job with a broadcast rental company

and developed an understanding of television camera technology and usage. He quickly

adopted camera operation as his calling and soon found himself working with major

production companies on everything from major network programming to sports and

concerts. He moved on to a rewarding freelance relationship with the emerging Food

Network in the mid 1990’s, aiding the channel in its growth. Dominick flourished as both

a field and studio camera operator working for various networks filming documentary

talk and promo material.

As a renowned Director and DP, Dominick has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with

some of the finest food programming in the world such as:

Lidia’s ItalyPBS (a two time Emmy nominated Best Culinary Show, a two time Emmy winner for Best Culinary Host

Lidia Bastianich, and a James Beard Award winner for Best Culinary show),Avec Eric

PBS (Season Two 2011 Emmy winner for Best Culinary Show),Jose Made in SpainPBS (Jose Andres),

Fresh Food Fast with Emeril Lagasse(Cooking Channel),Chef Story PBS, and Food Nation Bobby Flay (Food Network).


For the last 20 years, Dominick has worked extensively with NBC in their talk show

division. His talents, abilities, and high degree of excellence did not go unnoticed and

very soon into his career he started to transition from DP to directing and producing,

bringing all aspects of his wide-ranging knowledge and experience to a variety of

productions. He further broadened his experience into sitcoms, working on The Adult

Swim Channel shooting The Jack and Triumph Show. In 2018, Dominick created and

produced the award-winning short film Zizi and Honeyboy starring Doris Roberts which is

currently airing on Amazon Prime.


In addition, A&V is currently working with

Powerhouse Productions as a Co-producer and Director on cooking shows, a travel

series, and design shows such as

Living it up with Patti Labelle, Good Eats with JJ Johnson, Lens of Culture

(a travel show shot in Africa) and Living by Design with Jake and  Jazz  (design show).

Dominick’s unique background and extensive experience makes him a huge asset to

any project he is working on. His knowledge of all aspects of a production as well as his

high degree of excellence gives him the unique ability to help his clients create and

realize their vision with

the most beautiful, high-quality, entertaining video productions


Dominick Ciardiello
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